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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.7 Update 1 Hotfix 3 is available!

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Dear Acronis Community,
please be aware that Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.7 Update 1 Hotfix 3 is released today.
Build: 4.7.1-50
Fixed issues:
·         [VSTOR-49963] Synchronize the MDS state during an upgrade.
·         [VSTOR-50181] Fix the upgrade error: "30s timeout elapsed while waiting for a response from the shaman master instance."
·         [VSTOR-49913] A stability fix for FUSE.
·         [VSTOR-49865, VSTOR-49709] Stability fixes for object storage.
·         [VSTOR-49714] Fix the maintenance mode pre-check for a VM evacuation.
Released notes are available here:
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