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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0 is available!

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Dear Acronis Community, 

please be aware that Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0 is released today.


Build: 5.0.0-137


What´s new:


·         Ability to integrate with external identity providers.


Monitoring and alerting

·         Update process monitoring. Added metrics and alerts for the update process, to help system administrators to track the update status remotely and to update multiple clusters to the latest version in time.

·         Additional alerts for cluster monitoring. More alerts are now available in the admin panel via the built-in Prometheus and Alertmanager monitoring toolkit. The new alerts cover object storage, core storage, and infrastructure networking. Moreover, you can configure Alertmanager to send notifications via external systems, such as PagerDuty.


Object storage

·         S3 cross-region replication (CRR) support. Now, S3 users can leverage Amazon S3-compatible CRR API, to copy objects asynchronously across buckets stored in different clusters and public cloud providers.


User management

·         User groups support. Now, it is possible to add users to domain groups, for simplified permission management and project assignment.


Compute service

·         VPN as a service for self-service users.

·         Capacity-based QoS policies for virtual machine volumes.

·         Support for Kubernetes version 1.22.

·         Placement improvements:

o   Placements for flavors in the admin panel.

o   Flavors filtering by placement.


Released notes are available here:

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