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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0 Update 1 (build 5.0.1-42) is available!

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Dear Acronis Community,
we're happy to announce the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0 Update 1 release!
Build: 5.0.1-42
What’s new:
·       Support for Windows Server 2022, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux as guest operating systems.
Fixed issues:
  • [VSTOR-50067] Fixed the false-positive alert "Swap space is used."
  • [VSTOR-51196] Fixed the false-positive alert "Disk may run out of space" that appears for a cache disk after a bulk storage disk assignment.
  • [VSTOR-51171] The flavor list is empty during a VM creation if more than 100 flavors are available.
  • [VSTOR-50943] Third-party IdP authentication fails if an IdP provider has multiple keys in a key jar.
  • [VSTOR-50815] Unable to create high availability if an update is downloaded but not installed.
  • [VSTOR-50472] A UX improvement for a domain user creation via vinfra.
  • [VSTOR-50314] Authorization is no longer required to configure notifications to use SMTP.
  • [VSTOR-50248] Impossible to use a vGPU configuration file with letters in a hexadecimal PCI address.
  • [VSTOR-50141] Fixed the reason of the "Conflicting resource provider name" error.
  • [VSTOR-49906] Fixed usage for a placement quota.
  • [VSTOR-49458] Entering the maintenance mode may fail, though there are enough resources to enter.
  • [VSTOR-47111, VSTOR-48869] Fixed a wrong archive size for some cases.
  • [VSTOR-49719, VSTOR-49700, VSTOR-49499, VSTOR-51249, VSTOR-51639, VSTOR-51232, VSTOR-51125, VSTOR-50968, VSTOR-50915, VSTOR-50725, VSTOR-50627, VSTOR-50251] Stability and performance improvements.
Release notes are available here: .
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