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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0 Update 1 (build 5.0.1-53) is available!

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Dear Acronis Community,
Please be aware of the Hotfix 1 for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0 Update 1 release.
Build: 5.0.1-53
Fixed issues:
  • [VSTOR-51927] A security fix for CVE-2022-0378.
  • [VSTOR-51506] Fixed a connectivity issue when an Open vSwitch bridge is recreated for VLAN physical networks..
  • [VSTOR-51357] Entering maintenance may get stuck if a node that enters this mode hosts suspended virtual machines.
  • [VSTOR-49593] A cluster update fails due to old cached data if a newer update is available.
  • [VSTOR-51143] Creating object storage may fail after the previous unsuccessful creation.
  • [VSTOR-51858, VSTOR-51604] Critical stability fixes for the core storage.
Release notes are available here: 
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