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I want 3 separate ACI server instances

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I want to have 3 separate ACI server instances


I have one now 3 now with 3 nodes in the cluster with 300 clients hitting it


I want to have 3 different primaries ACI servers, each with 100 different client on them

how would i address them server id:port wise?


Assume I would have 3 seperate web ui inferface logins?


Any one doing this?

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The common approach implies that each ACI cluster corresponds to separate backup storage. If you want to utilize each node as separate ACI cluster instance, it will be required to gracefully release the node from existing cluster, re-install it from the scratch configuring as a new cluster and create new backup storage on it, with own backup storage address.

However, at the moment assigning new backup storage for Customer tenant is possible only if it has 0 usage on the current backup storage, so if you want to keep existing backups and migrate them to another backup storage, assistance from Professional services will be required, please refer to:

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