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limit SNMP access to specific IP

Thread needs solution
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I would like to activate snmp to monitor our acronis cyber infrastructure. According to the instruction, this need to be activated on the public network. Is there any possibility to limit the snmp access to a specific IP instead of the whole internet?


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Hello Michael,

Let me answer your question:

The purpose of public network is not exactly to be connected to global internet. Difference between 'internal' and 'public' network types is that 'internal' is used only to communication between nodes inside of cluster. The 'public' network meanwhile is designed to allow cluster to communicate with other parts of your infrastructure around it to provide the public services (like S3 or NFS) to it.

However, in case if your Storage Cluster (ACI) is connected directly to global network, it is possible to limit connections to it from outside by setting up border firewall between it and internet. Or in other hand it can be managed by setting up NAT between cluster 'Public' network and global internet. ACI network management system does not allow to restrict/allow access to exact IP addresses/ranges, so it should be configured on your border network device.

Best regards