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Physical Data Shipping on own datacenter

Thread needs solution
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Hi everybody,

We are Service providers on Cyber Infrastructure and some of our customers have... well.. a really poor connexion!

We're planning to use physical Data shipping but, reading help for this service, we have to send diskl to Acronis who will upload to their data center. But we use our own datacenter. Is this service still avalaible for us?

Thanx for responses.

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Florian,

Yes, the Physical Data Shipping is available as a service for you as well.

1. You should enable the Physical Data Shipping Service for your account.
2. Or else, you can use acrchive_io_ctl to manage your backups manually.

Please check the complete documentation regarding PDS for additional reference on how to create a PDS plan if you select option 1 and all other shipping details:…

Thank you.