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Process inquiry from Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

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My client wants to receive Acronis Backup files directly to Amazon S3.
I just found out that this is possible with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.
But I don't understand the process well.

The process I understood is below.

Register Amazon S3 with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.
And then back up after registering the backup path as Acronis Cyber Infrastructure in Acronis Backup.
This will create a backup file on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, and then the backup data will be copied to the registered Amazon S3.

Is this the right way?

If this is correct,
Does Acronis Cyber Infrastructure need enough space for backups and Amazon S3 also needs space?

Please help.

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Your understanding is correct. Acronis Cyber Infrastructure receives backup, temporary stores them on local disks and then, transfers to S3. It is recommended to have local space equal to x1.5 of daily backup size. See more requarements in  documentation:…