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Acronis API usage

Thread needs solution
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Hello everyone, I've just been testing out your APIs from… and unfortunately this doesn't seem to work as is explained. 

Every time I try to update any values whatsoever, using the exact same code I get the following back:

" 'message': 'Partial patch of backup policies is not supported'"

Does anyone have any advice on how to work around that?

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Dilyan,

Could you please raise a Support ticket for this issue.

Sounds like a corner case issue, we need to have the complete example that you test from your side. You may attach your zipped Python script if you're testing via Python. We need the complete requests you make, request URL, JSON bodies, parameters used if any, and the exact responses with complete error / response messages.

Your test tenant details will also be required, login name of the customer tenant where you testing Plan Management API should be enough.

Please, put something like "Please, assign to Ivaylo Tsvetkov from the API team" in the description and I will handle the ticket.

Thank you in advance!