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Acronis Cyber Platform – Developer Portal, APIs, SDKs and Samples

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We announced the Acronis Cyber Platform, opened first portion of API to integrate with, launched the Acronis Developer Network portal with documentation, API reference and development access to the Acronis Cyber Cloud, as well as, Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal. Useful links:

Acronis Cyber Platform – Developer Portal, APIs, SDKs and Samples

The Acronis Cyber Platform is the foundation of Acronis’ Cyber Protection solutions, we are opening and expanding the APIs we have been using to build our solutions on for years.

We are also launching the Acronis Developer Network, where developers, ISVs and service providers can register and gain access to SDKs, documentation, sample code, training, forums, blog and a developer playground.

The new portal is the center of the Acronis Cyber Platform developer community. In the portal developers can access:

  • Interactive documentation
  • API reference based on RAMLs

Acronis Cyber Platform API is a REST API and developers can use any well-known libraries or frameworks to interact with it. To simplify the start of your development project, we’ve created libraries for common development languages and ecosystems available directly from the portal.

Now, October 2019, we are opening first portion of Acronis Cyber Platform APIs: Account Management API, Platform Core API, File Sync & Share API and Notary API. It’s only the first step and new APIs will be available for developers soon.  

We’ve also created and published Python samples on GitHub. This repository provides a set of easy to understand and tested Python samples for using Acronis Cyber Platform API.

We are opening the Acronis Cyber Cloud WHMCS provisioning module as well. It is a production quality full functional WHMCS integration developed by Acronis’ engineering team. The module is the same as available at WHMCS Marketplace. On the one hand, it’s a valuable example of Acronis Cyber Platform API usage from PHP, on the other hand it’s a great quick starter for companies who want to build their own WHMCS module for Acronis Cyber Cloud. A partner can fully reuse code and base business logic but change only what they need to change, as we publish it under the MIT license.

We are launching the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal. Any partner, who develops solution and successfully passes a solutions’ publication process, will be listed at the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal. The current categories include RMM/PSA, Service Automation, Data Sources, Data Destinations, Tools and Security Services. Each solution has a page with all of the relevant information about the solution including overviews, use cases, links to further documentation, support details and more.

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