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API v1 - expected turn off date

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as API V1 is marked as obsolete, do you have any specific date when it will be completely turned off?

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Hello Sebastian,

The Account Management APIv1 is indeed with planned EoL but still in use.

We do not have exact date or probable ETA for its complete shut down, there are few things to be covered first.

Product Management will make a public announcement to our public pages, and send notifications to all partners for which we know to have custom integrations with Acronis API that still use version 1. Along with this we will publish a FAQ and KB articles with guidance answering all questions about the EoL, and important notes for the deprecated endpoints and their alternatives in APIv2.

Once ETA is available we will make the public announcement with at least 1 year of period prior the actual APIv1 shut down, so partners will have enough time to act accordingly and migrate fully to APIv2. Maybe few more months till this announcement, so EoL is for sure more than 1 year from now at this time.

In addition to the public announcement and notifications sent to most partner, Product Management is planning to add a message about the upcoming APIv1 EoL into the Acronis Management Portal's UI, with this to make sure that our message is visible to all production datacenters.

Sales, PS team, PSMs and TAMs will proactively start collecting possible questions from partners which will be answered accordingly and be added to the FAQ pages.

This is the complete information that we can share at this point.