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API v2 - Customer Tenant - How to switch account from trial mode to production

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After successfully posting a customer tenant (on uri /api/2/tenants) with minimal data (just nameparent_id, kind, brand_id and default_idp_id) I've noticed that it was created as a Trial account by default. Checking on the available documentation I haven't found how to switch it into production. How this can be done? Also, is it possible to create a customer tenant in production mode directly?

Related to this, I'd also like to know what this switching action really does. For instance, in the Data Cloud's web interface I've noticed that a Customer Tenant already into production mode cannot be turned back to trial, and that made me wonder about any other consecuences of the switching (like in billing I suppose).

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Eduardo,


This functionality is not available yet in APIv2. Please use APIv1 to change group status to "1".

See doc here: Check /api/1/logic/constants for available options.


To create a Customer directly in production, explicitly set the group status to "1" when creating the group or right after, if you use APIv2 to create the group.


What it does is it activates this user for billing. In trial mode, all service consumed by the Customer is not calculated for billing, while in production it does. Once a group is switched to production (this happens automatically after 1 full month of trial), it cannot go back to trial.


Best regards,


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You can use 

api 1 /groups/{group} with the customer_id

with body:


   "pricing": {

    "currency": "EUR",

    "mode": 1,

    "mode_update_date": null,

    "price": null,

    "discounts": [


        "enabled": 0,

        "name": "educations"



    "enabled": 1,

    "storage_discount": null,

    "rating": null