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API v2 - How to upgrade or downgrade Cyber Backup/Cyber Protection edition safely to a customer

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After reviewing the documentation available, I haven't found a "safe" way to change the edition of Cyber Backup/Cyber Protection to a customer. The only way I see possible is as follows:

  1. Get all offering items of customer currently enabled in backup service.
  2. Disable all those offering items.
  3. Get all offering items available to the customer in the edition she wish to change into.
  4. Enable for the customer all those offering items recovered in the point 3 in backup service.

This way of doing the edition change is kind of dangerous to say the least, in particular because of the possible configuration issues that might arise doing it like that. Isn't there a better way to do this through API?

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Technically, you can use 1 PUT API offering items call to enable offering_items connected to a new edition, disable the old and have offering items with edition "null" unchanged. The platform try to take care about all that stuff like configurations etc.

But you need to implement you own logic as not all the changes are possible and safe. For example, upgrading from "standard" to "advanced" you need to be sure that old DR services for "standard" are not used etc. and disabled consciously. As PUT switching editions call can be only possible if you set status for DR OIs to 0.

As well, in downgrading cases all the functionality/plans with advanced features stop to work.

So it's kind of not-so-safe operations by default.

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I forgot that you can manage the tenant's offering items in one PUT, I'll try it that way then.