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API v2 problem with infraestructure UUID in json_v1 reports

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Hi, I've detected a problem with the json_v1 reports regarding the infraestructure of a partner. In any report I try, the usages under the partner's infraestructure appear associated with an storage_uuid that, when checked with the /api/2/infra/{infraUUID} endpoint gives back the following error:

    "error": {
        "code": 1000,
        "message": "An error has occurred.",
        "details": {
            "info": "No storage found with id None uuid e6085468-ddca-4cca-9a30-1162551a7fed",
            "addition": [
        "context": {},
        "domain": "PlatformAccountServer"
I have checked that the partner's infraestructure do exists in Acronis, but has a different uuid that the one appearing in the reports as storage_uuid, although the storage_name it's exactly the same.
I gather that, for some reason (maybe because that partner Tenant was moved from being under one parent Tenant to another, but I'm not sure), that infraestructure's UUID has changed but the reporting system is not aware of the change and is giving back the old UUID instead of the new one.
This problem is seriously messing up our billing procedure, so what can you tell me about this situation?
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I would advise you to open support case here (you need to be registered at the portal). As it can't be simple reproduced at a demo-stand, so I believe, a support level access to your environment needed to help you to resolve the issue.

We have dedicated support team for the platform questions.

From my side I will try to reproduce described behaviors and if I find something I will share.

Could you please clarify when these tenants move was done? In this reporting period on in the previous?