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API v2 - Usages/services available for Backup and File Sync & Share

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l noticed while doing GETs to the url /api/2/applications/{application_id} that the usages listed for the Backup and File Cloud services are more than the ones in the documentation I have. I list the ones given by the Data Cloud platform that I haven't seen in the documentation:

  Backup File Sync & Share
Usages  child_storages


Should a system integrated with Acronis Data Cloud care about those?

Also, some of the usages don't appear as services in the web console. I know that since the account I'm using is in trial mode, Disaster & Recovery related ones won't appear, but is it also the reason that I cannot see services/usages like website_storage?



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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Eduardo,

APIv2 contains some items that are not available in the web console for different reasons: some may be used for custom scenarios, others may relate to features that are not active in your account.

Please consider using only those counters that appear in your web console, and you may disregard the others. For other/not documented counters, please formulate first your expectations from the integration - what is the goal you are trying to achieve? Based on this we can advise specific items that you should refer to.



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I am wondering if somebody can help me to implement the rest API fo file upload.


I tried this…


But it gives


"success":false,"message":"File upload is failed : ErrorException: Undefined property


I am using laravel8 and guzzlephp.