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Autotask Integration - Sync from Acronis to Autotask not working

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One of our partners has started testing and using the Autotask integration!

He noticed that sync from Autotask contract to Acronis provisioning is working but sync from Acronis to Autotask contract is NOT working. It's a One way sync!

This is not handy specifically when working with the O365 agent. New mailboxes are added automatically in Acronis when Protection Plan is applied to all users but the number of users in Autotask is not updated accordingly!

Are there plans to make the sync work both ways for the Autotask integration?

If not can this be taken into account in future improvements?


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Yes it's true that we are lacking bi-directional sync.

We don't want to check "Free provisioning" because it'll mean that we should invoice our customers manually then, resulting in the Autotask integration loosing all it's interest.




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The integration currently only supports prepaid billing and only provisions from Autotask to Acronis.

To do what you want, you'll need two features that are planned for the coming months:

In 21.09, you'll see Pay as you go billing mode being added. This means that usage from Acronis can be reported in Autotask. However, this is only usage, it will not support other changes you make on Acronis side.

In 21.11, we plan to add two-way sync. That's when you'll be able to make almost any changes on Acronis side and see them reflected in Services and Contracts on Autotask side.


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Great, thanks !

Version 21.09 is planned end of September?

Where can I see the versions?

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> Where can I see the versions?

Hello David,

the latest available release notes can be found here (the direct link