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File upload using REST API

Thread needs solution
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I am wondering if somebody can help me to implement the rest API fo file upload.

I tried this…

But it gives

"success":false,"message":"File upload is failed : ErrorException: Undefined property



I am using laravel8 and guzzlephp.

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Kasun,

Could you please raise a Support ticket for this issue.

Last time I tested this endpoint, it was working. It sounds like a corner case issue or some wrong request configuration, we need to have the complete example that you test from your side. We need the complete request you make, request URL, JSON body, parameters used if any, and the exact responses with complete error / response messages.

Your test tenant details will also be required, login name of the customer tenant where you testing Files Cloud API should be enough.

Please, put something like "Please, assign to Ivaylo Tsvetkov from the API team" in the description and I will handle the ticket.

Thank you in advance!