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Get Custom ID via API

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I try to pull automatic billing information via API.
So far so good, I can get the reports now after some struggle with the documentation.

Still it would be good to be able to match the tenants to the clientID in our billing System. 

In the UI I can find a field to provide a custom ID. See attached screenshot.

Unfortunately I can´t seem to get that ID out of the System.

Any help to where to find it is appreciated!

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Hi, Daniel.

It's "customer_id" field in a tenant JSON.

GET {{base_url}}/api/2/tenants/{{tenant_id}}


"contact": {

        "country": null,

        "firstname": "",

        "phone": null,

        "address1": null,

        "email": "",

        "city": null,

        "lastname": "",

        "zipcode": null,

        "address2": null,

        "state": null


    "customer_id": "xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx",

    "has_children": true,

    "ancestral_access": true,

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Thank you, that is what I was looking for!