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Getting Hardware Information through the API

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I am trying to retrieve the motherboard serial number through the API so I can use it to reference the machines in my system. I can see in the Acronis web portal under agent details that the serial number is under the hwi data but cannot find any reference to it in the documentation. I uploaded a screenshot of the properties page I'm referring to. I appreciate any insight anyone may have.



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Acronis engineer
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Hello Jay,

Please, use this call from our public Resource Management API:…

But use it with applied filter include_attributes=true and you can also add the type=resource.machine for some additional filtering. I would suggest executing:

GET {base_url}/api/resource_management/v4/resources?type=resource.machine&include_attributes=true

Here is a direct example from our public Postman collections:…

You also need proper authorization, all steps for authorization are described under the Authorization folder above:…

If you already have the API Client, you can directly use your API keys and issue the Bearer access token. Note, that there are two types of tokens, the IDP Bearer access token from the Account Management API, and the Scoped access token for the Cyber Protection service. If you run the call authorized with API keys of a user from the target customer tenant you can directly use the "Issue a JWT token" call, then run the GET /resources call. If you run the call from a partner level tenant, you will need to drill down to the scope of the target customer tenant by first issuing the "Issue a JWT token" access_token and then using this token issuing the token from the "Issue a Scoped token for Protection Management" call, and run GET /resources at the end.

In the response from the final call you should look for the "attributes" object under each single resource item to find the "motherboard_serial" value under "kvs" where "name": "hwi" or any other system value of the machine or agent inside "attributes" object.

We will follow up with the same details over the opened Support ticket.
I see we haven't understand the scenario quite well. Our apologies for that.

Thank you.