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How to retrieve device/storage information from api v2?

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We are building a plugin that needs access to device specific data (e.g. backup status, total size of backups, etc). When logged into the Acronis Backup Cloud, I can see that the following endpoints are called to retrieve this information:

  • /bc/api/resource_manager/v1/epm/resources/get_license
  • /bc/api/vault_manager/v1/stats?resourceId=<resource-id>&storageType=online
  • /bc/api/ams/resources

Is this information available in v2? If not, what authentication method should I use to access the above endpoints? I'm not able to authenticate using a OAuth token, which works in v2.   

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It's still not in our public API.

Please, write me an e-mail to with details why you need this for your solution and I hope, I could help you providing needed information.

Please, note, that any non-public API can be changed in a future without notice.