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JSON parameters for updating a policy

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I am trying to follow this guide here:…


At the end of the 3rd step, it says "For the list of available JSON parameters, refer to the API reference." but I have no idea where can I find those parameters. I would appreciate any help.

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Ercan,

Thank you for your question.

On top at the dark blue pane next to Guide, you have the Reference button from where you will be forwarded to the complete list of endpoints part of the public Resource & Policy Management API. Which contain the JSON bodies examples, with JSON parameters, and also filter and UI parameters that can be used with an endpoint for getting additional or specific information.

Direct link to the PATCH call (check also the POST call one a bit above):…

Also, you may find the complete JSON schemes for each of the supported protection policy items (expand the separate protection policy setting) within the JSON with description of available attributes and with possible values that they accept at:…

I hope you find these details useful.