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Retrieve Microsoft 365 Devices

Thread needs solution
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I'm playing around with the API. I find it hard to retrieve a good overview of all possible API Calls. It's like there are 5 different API documentations and only one contains information of all the api calls. (

I can retrieve all Child Tenants. But I want to retrieve a list of Microsoft 365 Devices that are protected. Surely there should be an Device endpoint for the API. I found something but it looks to be API V1 which is giving me 404 errors.

I need the following information:

Amount of Microsoft 365 Seats -> available / in use
Each mailbox name that is actively backupped.

How/where do I fetch this information?

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Gerben,

The only official web page with all the public Acronis APIs is at:
The Account Management API is at:
Endpoints at:…

Microsoft 365 Seats usages are fetched with GET /tenants/{tenant_id}/usages endpoint:…

With applied filters for Per Gigabyte model: /tenants/{tenant_id}/usages?editions=pck_per_gigabyte&usage_names=mailboxes

With applied filters for Per Workload model: /tenants/{tenant_id}/usages?editions=pck_per_workload&usage_names=mailboxes

Each mailbox name that is actively backed up cannot be fetched with the available public APIs, there is no public endpoint to provide such granularity.

With Resource Management API, or GET /api/resource_management/{version}/resources endpoint you can fetch devices:…

Using the type filter you can retrieve the devices where running Microsoft Office 365 applications, server itself and the resource of type mailboxes with:

GET /api/resource_management/v4/resources?,

We cannot go any deeper with the currently available public API.

I hope this is helpful.