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Watch On-Demand: Acronis Cyber Platform API at Acronis Cyber Summit 2020

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Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2020 is designed around your feedback and features hands-on interactive workshops, informative breakouts, inspiring keynotes, and the opportunity to meet some of the most successful MSP experts and cyber protection practitioners in the world.

This year, the summit is virtual, and we have a dedicated track and workshop for developers. 

To watch on-demand the summit activities, you need to go at this page

You can find below the list of on-demand sessions, which might be interesting for any technical specialist working with the Acronis Cyber Platform. 


Workshop: Anatomy of a Provisioning Automation Integration 

Panel: A Discussion on the Power of Integration and the Journey of Development in the Drive to Deliver Value for Multiple Parties

Testament of a Developer Evangelist: Lessons Learned from Integration Experts

Rapid Pitch Sessions: Acronis #CyberFit Platform Program Integration Partners

Streamlined Success: Why Automation is the Key to Bigger Profits and Better Customer Service

Overview of the Acronis Cyber Platform: From Registration to Training and Certification to Launch

Acronis API and SDK Roadmaps

Cloud Automation for Acronis Distributors: The Pay-per-use Model you can Leverage

Acronis Product Roadmap and Q&A with Product Leaders

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