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where to find up-to-date sku translation tables

Thread needs solution
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The developer training mentioned underlaying links, where can i find the current SKU mapping ?


Offering Items to SKUs Mapping

Together with offering items to SKUs mapping tables, you can use usage reports to create billing reports for themselves or for your partners and customer.

The mapping tables for February 2021:

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Acronis engineer
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Hello John,

Please note that we are no longer planning to release updates of the OIs to SKUs mapping. See attached the latest updated mapping tables as of October 2021 when we last made updates. One for the Advanced Licensing models only and one with the Legacy included if you are still having such tenants.

Starting November's 2021 21.11 release we added the ability to include the SKUs to usage metrics via API into usage reports. You are now able to request a report via API with specific parameters and the SKU column is added across all billable usage metrics. To create a report, ready for billing automation, a new parameter should be added for the POST /reports call, the show_skus parameter set to true will include all the related SKUs in the report. You can also create out of the report a mapping table yourself, by removing all duplicates and if the created report is for tenant where you have all the offering items from both models enabled, to make sure you get all the SKUs listed.

Have a look at the complete flow described in our public Blog article:…

The attached excel tables are the latest we made, the up-to-date mapping will be available in the above explained flow.

Thank you.

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