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Acronis Cloud Storage - Provisioning your account...

Thread needs solution
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Not sure if anyone can help, i have registered for a trial version of Cyber Protect for an ESXi install.  All working fine but as part of my trial I have added the 1TB Cloud Storage however I get an error 500 when trying to backup to the cloud storage.  When logged into my Acronis Account and select the Manage Disaster Recovery I get the following error message: -

The requested service is not available for your account
Possible reasons:
Your account does not have proper permissions.
The requested service is not enabled for your tenant.
The requested service cannot be used on a partner tenant level. It is available on a customer tenant level only.
I have raised a ticket for this over 24hours ago but it is showing low priority and the 24hour live chat appears to not be 24 hours.
Any help would be great.
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Hello Paul,

welcome to Acronis forums! As per the information in your support ticket, the issue should have been fixed - please check the backup and let us know if any assistance is needed.