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Agentless backup in ESXi is very slow with the target location being Windows server 2019 share - use SMB 1

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We are using Cyber protect 15 virtual appliance on VMware,  to backup multiple VMs.

Issue we are facing is backup job is very slow. We backup to Windows server 2019 share and was not able to log in to share till we enabled SMB 1.  We expected SMB 2 and 3 should work.

As a result backup is very slow, sometimes crashed with error no disk space for backup .. and there is plenty of space..

Any idea how to connect by SMB 2 a 3, which should work faster with Windows server 2019 ?

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Hello Lubomir ,

thank you for your posting! Are you getting any error messages when starting a backup to a share with the enabled smb2\smb3? In general, there should be no limitations for the smb support from the product's side.