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Auto Changer not recognized

Thread needs solution
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We got a new hardware backup server and installed Cyberprotect 15 on Windows 2022

The tape drive of the changer is recognized, the changer itself is not recognized. I opened a ticket with highest priority (we cant backup to tape!) last week with Acronis support and got no answer. I can't reach anyone with the chat and I was for 30 min on hold on the UK phone support just to hear that no one is available.

The tape is recognized in Windows, the drivers for both tape and library are installed. The library was working fine with CP 15 on the old backup server.

image 836

CP does only see the drive

Welcome to Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool for Tape Devices.
Error 0x15003eb: Invalid XML tag '/arsm_devices/autoinventory'.
| line: 0x40cfe291a9083af2
| file: h:\arsm2\enterprise\rsm\configuration\impl\xml_config_loader.cpp:101
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::XmlTagProcessor::ProcessChildren
| $module: acronis_tape_hcl_static_vsa64_s_9106
Found tape \\.\tape0

Tape Drives:
    Path:      "\\?\scsi#sequential&ven_hp&prod_ultrium_6-scsi#5&1adff154&0&00fa00#{53f5630b-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}"
    Vendor:    "HP"
    Product:   "Ultrium 6-SCSI"
    Revision:  "354W"
    Serial:    "HUJ5113B1V"
    Has media: no
    CartridgeType:   LTO-CVE
    CartridgeFormat: Ultrium 6/16T
    Capacity:        2500000 Mb


image 837

We need a remote session of a good technician to help us here. We followed the guide at Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced: Troubleshooting Tape Detection Issues | Knowledge Base and the changer is not recognized.

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