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Backup Plan Query

Thread needs solution
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I recently upgraded 3 endpoints from Acronis Backup 12.5 to Acronis Cyber Backup 15.
This was painless except with one machine - for some reason, the upgrade deleted the old backup plans. This wasn't an issue as I recreated it from documentation.

What I have now found though - is on 2 of the workstations (Windows 10) - I can execute a Full, Incremental or Differential backup (clicking Protect -> expanding details and instead of just the 'Run Now' button, I have that button but a down-arrow with those 3 options).

On one of the machines (the one it wiped the backup plan) - I don't have this. I deleted all of its' backups and ran a full backup, yet still - I do not have this option.

Hitting 'Run Now' runs incremental backups. This is not something I want at all.
The backup plan is to backup the entire machine to a NAS, there is no schedule, AES-256 encryption is enabled and retention is set for 3 months.

I do not know where these options have gone or how to get them back - I did have a similar issue with Acronis Backup 12.5 and this seemed to be to do with Backup Format - but this option no longer exists.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hello Arkane78,

thank you for your posting! Am I correct to assume that you've created a fresh new plan in this case? Could you please share a screenshot of settings showing the backup scheme? According to the UG, the drop-down under Run now is shown when the respective backup scheme is configured in the plan.