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Backup Replication - Location vs. Backups

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Backup replication plans showing different behavior on "Location" and "Backup" based replication.

When a "Location" is chosen for replication all backups in that location will be replicated in sequence - only one activity.

"Backup" based replication immediately starts an activity for every selected backup. Only the first activity succeeds, others are pending and waiting for the preceding activity to complete. These activities are (all of them) failing with timeout after 10 minutes.

Is there any solution to replicate "Backups" the same ways as "Location" based?

We don't want to have all backups in the "Location" replicated. Backups are replicated to Acronis Cloud - in case it matters.


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Hello Raphael!

What are the errors for the failed activities?

-- Peter

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Hi Peter,

in task details it says:

result: {
    "code": "timedout",
    "error": {
        "domain": "task-manager",
        "code": "timedOut",
        "context": {
            "reason": "queue-timeout-expired",
            "span": ""
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Hello Raphael,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

We are sorry to know that you encountered this issue with the replication of backups. We recommend that you read the respective KB article and apply a workaround described here:

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Hi Maria,

thanks for your reply.

That workaround looks promising, will try out next week.

Best regards,