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Best practice / how to restore remotely an entire system?

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Hi everyone,

we just use a trial version of the acronis cloud solution and want to backup a few laptops.

The installation of the cloud-client is really easy, the local backup to an external hdd drive really comfortable..

But how do you restore a entire system when you, for example, change the internal boot hdd of the laptop?


Is there a way to have an "emergency boot partition" on the external hdd, where the backup is saved as well?

Did anyone splitt the external hdd-drive in a boot and a data partition?

What ist your best practise?


Thanks a lot and best regards




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Hello Bejamin!

Either have Acronis Startup Recovery Manager activated before a failure or have an Acronis bootable media near the laptops somone can plug in, then manage remotely. 

I guess you could also create the bootable media on the external hdd and partition the rest of the space as backup storage.

-- Peter