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Choosing selection to recover is slow

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I'm using Cyber Protect 15. When i want to select a file/folder to recover, it takes an exceptionally long time to browse through the "backup contents" - it takes at least 30 minutes every time I click on the + symbol to navigate further down the tree (while the "Loading..." circle continually spins). Sometimes I get an error saying "itzam database error"

This only happen on a specific machine, and i think this happen because it has a big amount of files (4500000). Is this a known issue?  


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Cataloging is supposed to speed up this browsing. Do you have it enabled on the backup location? Is space available for the catalog DB?

There is some old KB I found with this sort of error (for v11.5). It leads me to believe this is still the DB used if cataloging isn't enabled (which uses elasticsearh).

-- Peter


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Thx! Thats work!