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conditions to restore backup files?

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What conditions must be met in order to use Cyber Backup files on a different PC?

Our files are all password protected.  However, if Self Protection is On is it possible to access backup files, such as opening files, etc.? E.g., can backups be mounted as hard drives, etc.?

Our files are backed up fine on OneDrive, but on Google Drive there are problems getting recent files backed up -- on both of our PCs with independent Acronis licenses and all Acronis backups are done locally.  Are there any reasons why Google Drive might prevent some back ups?

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Hello Lester Ingber!

You can't mount backup as drives. You can access/browse in read only mode through file explorer, but that's about it. If you actually want to use the files copy/restore them somewhere.

I imagine you are using cloud deployment to backup OneDrive and GoogleDrive?

Have you seen this KB?

-- Peter