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C:\Program Files\Acronis\RegisterAgentTool missing from installation in programs

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Unable to Install Storage node on Acronis 15 build 29240. the folder does not exist.

I have run an installation repair still nothing.

when i try to install storage node from the installation the installer behaves as if am trying to uninstall acronis from the machine.

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Hello Mbiko Ngoma!

There seems to be some confusion here.The register agent tool is just as the name says: It registers an existing agent with a management server.

Launching the installer should present you with "Repair, modify modules, extract msi/mst" options. Should be able to modify and install storage node if it wasn't before (looks like it isn't).

I'm using 12.5 but I see a very different set of folders in Program Files\Acronis on my storage node server. 

-- Peter

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Hello Peter,

I have upgraded from 12.5 to 15. offcourse lauching the installer does present me with repair modify modules extract msi/mst options. But what happens when you go on modify and select storage node it remove the acronis installation including short cut key on desktop and in the quick tray on task bar.

Meanwile the stragnger thing is that the folder register storage nodes does not exist. 

while i was using 12.5 storage node was there. but after upgrading when on the console when you go to storage node it gives the instructions of installing storage node through the installer the previous storage node is greyed out hence using the installer am experiencing that problem as mentioned before while manual storage addition is impossible since the registration folder does not exist.