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disk image software

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Our government client would like to purchase "Acronis Cyber Protect" for disk imaging. we need to know what it means when it says for 5 computers. does this mean we can't clone more than 5 computers? or imaging 5 existing computers and then put those images on 5 workstations? Or if we want to put 1 image onto 10 new workstations? How many does that count as? 

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Hello Yared Melaku!

I'm not sure where you are getting this "5 computer" limitation. Also what you describe seems like you are looking for a way to provision multiple computers based on another, rather than a backup solution. If this is the case look into Acronis Snap Deploy.

You can also use Cyber Protect this way, but it's not a streamlined approach.

-- Peter

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Hello Yared,

I suppose you are referring to Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office for 5PC\Mac? This product is licensed per machine that means you can install and active the software on 5 machines simultaneously. It's possible to move activations to other machines, but in total there should be no more than 5 machines at the same time. Number of operations on those machines is not limited in any way 🙂