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Firewall management

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I've recently purchased Cyber Protect Advanced subscription licenses and use Cyber Protect Cloud for management. In Cyber Protect Cloud and when i go to create a new protection plan, there is an option to "Learn more" which brings me to the Cyber Protection documentation website. Very handy.

On reading through this i came across a feature i would really like to use called Firewall Management. But this doesn't appear anywhere in the cloud console to configure. I've read the guide, followed the instructions and it simply isn't there.

Interestingly when i open my Acronis account and click on documentation available against these licenses, it opens a similar looking website called Acronis Cyber Protect 15 and doesn't include a section for Firewall management.

So now i'd doubting that i have the right licensing. But i can't find alternative licensing to what i have purchased. So how on earth do i get the Firewall Management option?!?!

In case anyone wonders why i want this . Now that Acronis covers AV management, i want to move away from Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP). Like SEP, Acronis can be configured (i understand) under the protection plan to require a password on the workstation to enable/disable/configure settings, and i don't want end users to be disabling AV and the Firewall themselves. The AV control is great, but the lack of firewall control will be sorely missed. BTW these are not domain joined machines (very small isolated factory environments), so Group Policy control isn't an option, nor is removing admin level access as the HMI's require this to work (yes, i know thats bad - working on it!).


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Hello Trevor,

Based on my observation, it seems that the version you purchased is Acronis Cyber Protect (Advanced Workstations), which does not include Firewall Management.

For your licenses, the available security options are described in this link:

The user guide you mentioned is actually for a different product, the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, which does include Firewall Management. However, there aren't licenses for that product as it's managed by service providers. For more information, please refer to this page:

If you have any further questions, I suggest that you contact our support team for additional details:

I hope this helps!