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How does ASRM identify the secure zone partition?

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We were seeing an issue were ASRM is not able to see any backups in the secure zone. This is only affecting a subset of computers. From within windows, the regular acronis agent and the web console are able to see and create backups in the secure zone. Everything appears to be working normally except when booting into ASRM, at which point ASRM is unable to see any backups (and by extension unable to restore anything).

I was just hoping to get some insight into how ASRM is finding the secure zone partition, and from there possibly see some differences in the partitioning scheme between the systems that are working fine and the ones that aren’t to try and diagnose why ASRM isn’t working on those systems. 

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Hello Me.ken,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

The issue could be if the ASRM does not recognize the drive where the Acronis Secure Zone is located.

I advise that you open a case with Acronis Support Team on this matter and provide the engineers with Acronis System Information gathered from the affected machine when one is booted with Acronis Bootable Media.