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HTTPS redirect problem

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I used Acronis Cyber Backup advanced 12.5 and recently I installed (new installation not upgrade) v15 27009. In file c:\ProgramData\Acronis\ApiGateway\api_gateway.json I chenge the value auto_redirect to true.

The first problem that I had was that I could not add the storage nodes getting the error SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate. I changed the value to false again and I could add the storage nodes. Then I changed the value to true again.

The redirection works, the backup plans work but indexing is not working properly. It finishes with the warning: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate and it does not update the correct location usage to management server.

I changed the value to false again in order to continue working.

I use the internal FQDN of my domain (.local). Is there any option to ignore the default certificate? Should I add it to Windows trusted certificates? What do you suggest? I had no this issue with v12.5

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Hello Athanasios Pantziarelas!

I might be wrong, but maybe it doesn't work with self signed certificate? I seem to remember I also tried to configure https with self-signed and didn't work.

Can you request a cert from your domain CA?

-- Peter

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The solution is the following :

Domain CA should be added to all storage nodes at C:\ProgramData\Acronis\CurlCaCertificates\cert_bundle.pem


Server certificate and key should be changed to C:\ProgramData\Acronis\ApiGateway\api_gateway.json


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Athanasios thank you for sharing your solution with the community!