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NEW build for the Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Update 3 is available!

Thread needs solution
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Hello Everyone,
the new build #28122 is now published:
Issues fixed in build 28122 (October 22, 2021)


[ABR-328987] Scale Computing HC3 hosts do not acquire licenses properly after update from Update 1 or Update 2.
[ABR-328157] Devices do not acquire a license automatically when applying a protection plan to 500 or more devices.
[PLTFRM-33484] Revoking a license from 1000+ devices simultaneously from "Settings" > "License usage" may fail with "LicenseAndAccount: failed to enrich request: failed to get resources: too many SQL variables"
[PLTFRM-33433] Wrong total number of assigned licenses on "Settings" > "License usage" in large environments (>1000 licensed devices).
[PLTFRM-33431] The process of offline unregistration of Acronis Management Server does not allow to download the "Confirmation file" properly (requires page refresh).
[PLTFRM-33422] Unregistration of Acronis Management Server licensing via cloud console ( fails to revoke the licenses automatically if there were 5000+ devices managed by Acronis Management Server.


[ABR-326646] The XML log from "--log" parameter used with "acrocmd" command does not contain an error message even if "acrocmd" command fails.

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