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no successful backup have been performed by the backup plan form more than X days

Thread needs solution
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I use the latest version of Acronis Cyber Protect. I do not use cloud services. I backup my VMWare infrastructure in premises.

I receive every day false alarms with the message

"No successful backup have been performed by the backup plan form more than X days".

This alarm if fired for many backup plans. I can successfully restore the backups.

Is there something I can do or it is a bug that will be solved to the next versions?



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Hello Athanasios Pantziarelas!

Are all of your backup plans active? Maybe your backup schedule is longer than the "X days" when this alarm triggers? Is the alarm recent? Maybe it's an older alarm not yet cleared?

-- Peter

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Hi Peter,

Yes, the backups are active. For example, today I received an alarm that a VM has not been backed up for 32 days, but it was backed up today at 02:00 and I also have the last 30 backups because my retention rule keeps them for 1 month.


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Hello Athanasios,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

If you are sure that backups have been successfully creating for these 32 days, then the issue could be either in the connectivity problems between AMS and mms service on the affected machine (the information has not been renewed after a backup was created). Another reason could be in Agents installed inside these VMs and sending the alerts while the VMs are backed up with the help of Virtual Appliance (Agent for VMware).