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Poor Support of acronis

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I have total 12 acronis licenses including both virtual host and physical. after migration of management server from one machine to another machine. backup recovery is not working nor backups are happening. Took chat support, call support, remote support and expert support. but none could help me so far. its been more than one and half month now and no solution from acronis whatsoever. 

Through this, I would like to express my displease and inform you that we are no longer going to renew acronis licenses henceforth. imagine, an organization completely relying on one backup solution and there are no backups running nor recovery works for more than a month.

we are at a stage now, if any server is down or any disaster happens, we will be left with no data and our operations will stop. VERY VERY POOR SUPPORT. Even veeam trial license support is better than yours.

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Hello Abdul Naseer,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

We are very sorry to know about your negative experience with Acronis software and services. We have passed your feedback and escalated your case.

Since your case is under Expert's supervision, we recommend that you follow recommendations that you've been provided there and share the results with your expert:

You should enable NTLMv1 authentication on NAS: go to DSM Control Panel > File Services > SMB > Advanced Settings > Others and check Enable NTLMv1 authentication.

For more details please consult this KB article

Here you can find detailed instructions on how to enable NTLNv1

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I had similar experience that the server wasn't able to mange himself from one day to the other. Nothing worked.  No backup for 4 weeks. In the end there where incompatibilities between 11.7 Versions (what a joke!). 

Solution in the end was to delete Acronis completely from all machine - including all configs and settings(!) and the installation of 11.7 V50230 on all clients from scratch. 

My understanding is, that support people only want to push you to buy the newest version of B&R without being able to help you really. 

Another time i updated my Windows Server HW and needed a second server for a short time. They weren't able to give my a trial license for 4 weeks. Very poor! 

Solution here was to uninstall Server license from the old and install newly on the other server and vice versa.

I work over 30 years in IT, but never saw such a bad support.

The product itself is good. The company behind is crap.  They should save the money for formula 1 ads and invest in more supporters.

Just my opinion.

Cheers, Hoermi