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Restore backup in new VM

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Hello everybody, i'm new here and i need help about Acronis Cyber Cloud.

I start using it some times ago on my server, that runs on an HP machine with windows server 2012. It backup everything on a network drive that is located into my qnap.

Now recently my server died, so i need to restore my backup into a new vm that is hosted on my Dell Server with vmware esxi.

Now my question is: What's the easiest way to restore it? Because i tried with the boot media ISO on a new vm, but i cant "see" the backup file (.tibx) in any way.

Maybe somebody have some suggestion? Thanks



sorry for my bad english, i'm italian

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Hello aaaa bbbbb,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

The easiest way is to restore an existing backup of your server as a virtual machine. You should open the console,  navigate to Backup storage ->  Locations and select the required backup. Then you click on Recovery -> Entire machine, enter credentials for the backup location where that backup is stored, Recover to -> Virtual machine. You will be able to select an existing VM or create a new VM at this step.

Please refer to this page in the documentation for more details: