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Serial Number is already registered - no response from support

Thread needs solution
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I have opened a ticket and been hung up on twice by the automated phone support system.

I have purchased renewals for 2 licences for vmware hosts and when I try to add they keys I get a "Serial Number already registered" message for both keys.


Is there someone who knows how to deal with this?

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Hello Jay!

Is this a renewal of a subscription licence or a maintenance renewal of a permanent one? In either case I think it will be applied to the existing keys and won't require you to add them again.

Do you not see the effect of the renewal when you look at these licences?

-- Peter

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Hello Jay,

I see that your recent support ticket has been already closed. Please let me know if there are any open questions or concerns.

When adding a new subscription license key to the ones already registered in the account, you will be offered a choice:

  • to increase quotas, or
  • to  renew the current subscription

After choosing "Increase" or "Renew" quota, you will see the preview of how quota / expiration date will be re-calculated. Changes will be applied after clicking on Register button.

Please note that after registering the subscription in the Account, to apply the changes in on-premises console, you need to click Sync button (Login to account is required).