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SMTP Email will not save passowrd

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Trying to setup smtp email notfification in Acronis CyberProtect for a server. The SMTP settings are correct; however when I initially set it up it save the incorrect password. Now it will not let me change to the correct password. I have deleted all saved passwords from the browser, tried two different browsers, deleted all saved history and passwords, however it keep re-entering the old password !!! I don't know where it's storing and retrieving that data...but its super frustrating.

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Hello Adam!

How do you know it keeps reentering the old password not the new? The emails are not sent?

Try changing both the user and password to whatever, then change back to the correct one.

-- Peter

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Hello Adam,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

Do you see any error messages? If yes, please share with us the outcome.

Please also make sure that you are logged in with the same user account that is supposed to be used for sending notification emails when you edit the password in Settings -> System settings -> Email server.