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SQL Server Backup to Nas fails to start CP-15

Thread needs solution
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Hi there,


we´ve experiancing some very strange behavieor on our backup plan at our Cyber Protect 15 and i hope some of you could help us out. 

We are running 4 backup tasks every day by the end of the day. 

1.Data to external Storage - works fine

2. Data to NAS- works fine

3.Data to Cloud - works fine

4.SQL-Backup from Server 1 to Nas - fails.


Every task is beeing executed and shown in the activities.

Even the SQL but the it gets stuck in a loop and won´t go any further.

It can´t be canceled (killing tasks wont work) either so we have to reboot the System.

We can´t reproduce the issue since it seems to appear random, it could work fine for some days but than it suddenly gets stuck again.

Does anyone of you fellows have the same issue or knows how to deal with it ? 


Thanks in advance to you ! 

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