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Tape getting ejected during the Backup at 50 GB and Interaction required error

Thread needs solution
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HI team,


We are using Acronis cyber backup advanced 15.0 for our Tape backup.

The issue is the backup gets stuck after backing up 50 GB and gives interaction required error.

"Cannot find a free media in pool" . The tape is getting ejected automatically once it reaches 50 GB or 55 GB.

We are using LTO 7 tapes with 6TB native capacity. and we are backing up a server with 300 GB. we tried with different servers and same issue occurs.

Note: The tape we are using is erased tape and we move to free tape pool before backup.


Anyone have this issue please help




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Hello IT Support DC,

sorry to know about the issue! I'm afraid we cannot offer any known solutions, as the issue should have some specific cause. I'd recommend opening a support ticket so that our engineers can conduct the more in-depth investigation. Please let me know if any assistance is needed. 

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Hi Ekaterina 


Thank you.

No use creating a Ticket. I have created it already and it's been under R&D investigation for more than a Month.


ref#[05042963] Backup error



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Hello IT Support DC.

We are sorry that you've encountered this issue. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. This issue [TTASK-42807] is being tested by Development & QA teams.