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Tape Validation Takes Much Longer After Going to 15

Thread needs solution
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Recently upgraded from 12.5 to 15 update 5. Now tape validation takes much longer. I let the validation run for over 6 hours and it still said 1%. On 12.5 it would backup and validate in 6 hours. Is this a know problem?

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Hello Eli,

thank you for you posting! As per the information in our internal system there is a known issue (internal ID for reference ABR-312721 Validation from asn tape vault is extremely slow. Reproduced in different cases on different machines after backup and before recovery.
The issue is expected to be fixed in the next update. I'll update this thread once the update is available. 

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Hello Eli.

The Update 3 with a fix for [ABR-322649] Read operations from tape media is slower than expected due to lack of caching for some operations is now released.

Please rescan all tapes after update.