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.tibx backup file EMPTY

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I just finished backing up 5TB, but when I double click on the .tibx file to explore its content and double-check if it backed up everything the folder turns out to be empty.

I've seen this issue has been around for years, but no discussion in the forum has found a solution. can someone help and point me to an official solution? I'm on Windows 10, Acronis Cyber Protect version is the latest, I downloaded it two days ago.


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Hi, I am facing a similar issue. 

I took complete image backup of my new Dell 5420 Rugged Laptop, it comes with so called 'Self Encrypted Drive", I believe the encryption is causing the issue. 

After completing the backup, when I browse it using Acronis True Image in Windows, the drives have no data, eventhough the image file is 200 GB. 


Finally, I run the full backup within the windows environment, it created a similar sized file and I am able to browse all my files inside those drives and I am going to keep it as my final backup. 

I believe the encryption is not allowing us to see the files, but when image is created within Windows Environment, encryption is not directly affected the image. 


Hopefully someone can come up with the exact reason but for me this solution is okay.


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Hello Aman,

thank you for your posting! Yes, the encryption software may be likely the reason for such behavior, please refer to 

1649: Compatibility of Acronis Backup Software with Encryption Software

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Thank you, it's already clear now.