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Virtual machine has no license after update 3

Thread needs solution
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A very unfunny experience during installation of upgrade 3 was the change of local keys to online activation.

After that the licensing was generally messed up, the two available Backup Advanced Virtual Host licenses were assigned to virtual machines with installed agents.

After reassigning the licenses to the hosts all looked fine, but a backup task performing an agent based domain controller backup with application backup did not run tonight.

Only after checking the details of the job I got a plan limitation message:

"The protection plan cannot be run for <insert server name here> as the device has no license. To change the license manually, select the device and then go to Details → License."


The protection plan cannot be run for <insert server name here> as the assigned license does not allow the following functionality:

You can disable the modules with unsupported functionality to continue using the protection plan. To change the license manually, select the device and then go to Details → License.

I edited the licensing - found that one license is now properly assigned to the Hyper-V host, which is hosting the mentioned VM, and the second license is shown as assigned to a virtual machine on the other Hyper-V host. (I changed that just 10 minutes ago and the license jumped back in display to that VM).

Not only that you should not perform such changes in the application of licensing within one main release, messing up with such a change and revoke functionality which worked before is not a good thing at all.

Edit: A scheduled replication, which I edited to start a few minutes earlier, did not run at all.

Greetings from Germany

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Hello Olaf,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

Sorry to know that you've encountered these issues with the new Update 3.

We strongly recommend that you urgently contact Acronis Support Team to receive instructions on your case.


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Hi Support,

The same thing has happened to me! After upgrading agents to update 3, the Agents and Acronis Management Server are no longer licensed. Instead individual VMs have taken the allocation.

Please assist, I sent a support ticket yesterday but have not heard back.


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Hello Hobbs Admin!

Sorry to know that you've encountered an issue with licenses. According to our records, your case is open a nad at work. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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Nobody need to be surprised, Acronis is interested only about money, changing the licence system with a software update (who need in fact just to correct the buggy software), making the mess for every customer show how professional is the developing team.

I have that exactly same licence problem with all my customer, one by one after each update of server...

And if you have a perpetual licence without the support, the support will not even care to even answer you, no help about re-assigning the licence to the failed cloud management, a mess created with a simple upgrade.