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Windows 10: bad_module_info after update 4 (build 29240)

Thread needs solution
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we have several client workstations (VMs) showing "bad_module_info stopped working" on login. Windows taskbar and desktop is not showing - just a black screen with pointer.

Anyone have same issues?

This happend exactly after updating the Acronis Agent to build 29240 (latest, Update 4) on next Windows reboot.

Workstations are all same version: Windows 10 Pro 20H2 with VMware Horizon Agent 8.2 (some 8.4) and a vGPU NVidia Grid K1 k240q profile (1GB, driver version 370.41, latest available @nvidia).

After removing Acronis Agent and reinstalling build 28503 no error is shown and everything is OK.


Will open a support case.



- Error occurs only if both Agents (Acronis Agent for Windows + VMware Horizon Agent) are installed.

- Any version of Windows 10 Pro 20H1, 21H1, 21H2

- Any version of VMware Horizon Agent 8.2.0 / 8.4.0





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