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Windows Defender not disabled in Windows Server 2019

Thread needs solution
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Is there any solution for disabling Windows Defender on Windows Server? Maybe something is not correctly configured, please have a look.

Protection plan for Windows Server 2012R2/2019, Windows Defender should be disabled.

Actually it is running.


Same settings for Windows 10 machines have disabled Windows Defender correctly.

Is this a known issue or possible misconfiguration?


Thanks in advance,


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What I have done so far:

  • Re-applied protection plan
  • Re-installed Acronis Agent for Windows (and applied protection plan)
  • Reboot
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Hello Raphael!

If it works anything like True Image then the service is active but not doing anything internally. For True Image there was a log file with entries that said so (Basicly just polling the server for current settings and concluding there was nothing to do).

-- Peter

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Hi Peter,
thanks for your response!
Windows Defender is doing much work when I copy a bunch of files, is this intended?
It is doing its quick scans also (windows event log).
Thanks and best regards!
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Hello Raphael.

We recommend that you open a support case and provide Acronis System Report gathered right after issue reproducing.

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Hi Maria,

thanks for your reply.


I will open a support case.


For testing I have disabled "Windows Defender" via GPO - it is not running any more, only Acronis Cyber Protect.

Also downloaded the test file from KB64996 to the VM and it was detected as expected. An alert was generated and the test file was moved to quarantine.

I guess Acronis is working then?


Thanks and best regards,


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Sorry to bring this up again.


I cannot find any hint in the docs to have Windows Defender disabled via a Protection Plan. Is it possible and/or recommended?…


1) As I understand correctly Active Protection is sufficient to protect my workstations and servers. Windows Defender is not needed.

2) Disabling Windows Defender in a Protection Plan does not deactivate it, just does not control it.

3) So it should be safe to disable Windows Defender via GPO. Is it actually necessary to do so?

4) How to verify Active Protection is active?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,